Fresh Vine Web-Based Church Software Enhances Engagement and Community Involvement

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Fresh Vine Web-Based Church Software Enhances Engagement and  Community Involvement

Created to emphasize community and empower leaders, Fresh Vine church software was developed over the course of two years with the intent of helping churches grow their congregational engagement in a way that is more relational and approachable. Built with simple and responsive design that can scale across any internet device, Fresh Vine is a breath of fresh air to the cluttered church management software industry.

Our church software was inspired by my experiences of planting a church for the first time and seeing what was needed from the ground up in terms of software to connect and rally people,” comments Paul Prins, Fresh Vine Founder and President. “We developed Fresh Vine to help churches gain clarity around who and what is happening with its members.”

Fresh Vine ConciergeThe Fresh Vine team has spent lots of time creating a user interface that makes sense, is simple to use, and is responsively designed to work on any tablet, desktop, or digital device. They also added a special simplified web-based site call Concierge that makes it really easy to add visitors and do children’s check-in on the fly.

Fresh Vine Church Software Key Features Include:

  • Contribution management
  • Email campaigns with reporting features
  • Group and event management that includes attendance history
  • Children’s check-in system that works both online and offline if internet is unavailable
  • Concierge login to add families, make changes to member data, and add phone numbers
  • Filter tools for membership roster that can help with multisite church campuses
  • Communication tools to reach targeted groups within your membership
  • Podcast management
  • Visit this page for a complete list of features

Much like Google Analytics or WordPress, when users login to Fresh Vine, they land on a dashboard overview page that gives helpful member and giving snapshots. Navigate to any of the five software categories at the top of the screen at any time to access people, groups, content, admin, or home.

This 40-second video from Fresh Vine can help cast a vision for how they seek to serve churches small to large. Fresh Vine’s online press room offers screenshots and additional information to the media.

About Fresh Vine

Launched in 2011, Fresh Vine is online church management software that fosters participation, helping members get rooted and grow. It supports all ministry and small group activities, including membership, giving, children’s check-in, ministry/group calendars, events, attendance, and emails. Ministries who lean on Fresh Vine as their church software solution improve engagement and better understand their community. Organizations from all over the world use Fresh Vine.

Roll Call Connect Offers Web Integration to Church Software Data

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Roll Call Connect Offers Web Integration to Church Software Data

Many churches have limited staff and resources, relying on a tight budget to care for members and reach their communities. Thanks to Wi-Fi in nearly every location, 3G/4G mobile phone service, and the fact that nearly every pastor utilizes a laptop alongside a smartphone or tablet, By the Book has developed its web integration add-on for Roll Call church management software (ChMS) called Roll Call CONNECT.

This new web integration functionality will help our church customers stay better connected to their congregations,” says Kim Conley, co-owner of By the Book, software for churches and nonprofits. “Roll Call CONNECT was built for busy church staff and pastors in mind who want to better manage their church business.”

Roll Call CONNECT Staff Features Include:

  • rc_connect_wdevicesSnapshot of church giving and church attendance
  • Quick glance of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries
  • Look-up and update of church contact information
  • Record church visitations and confidential comments while on the road

Roll Call CONNECT Congregation Features Include:

  • View and update church member profile information
  • Give online
  • View giving history
  • Manage groups
  • Record group attendance if they are a group leader

Roll Call connect gives you the ability to be the Church outside of the church, I love the accessibility of information in the palm of my hand,” comments Steve Oster, Community Presbyterian Church.

To view an informative five-minute video on what Roll Call CONNECT can do for your church, check out this help link to Roll Call CONNECT on Vimeo.

About By the Book

Founded in 1992, By the Book offers robust desktop and internet accessible church and nonprofit management software. Roll Call Church Management Software meets the needs of churches from small to large through membership management, attendance monitoring, visitor follow up, contribution tracking, and background check management. Roll Call Child CheckIn and Mobile CheckIn add on solutions offer churches peace of mind by securing children through PCs or mobile devices. Honor Roll Fundraising Software offers nonprofits complete donor management tools, pledge tracking, and contact management. Free trials are available of all of By the Book’s software offerings. Email, call, or sign up today: or 1-800-554-9116.

Icon Systems Launches First Church Software iPad Web App

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Icon Systems Launches First Church Software iPad Web App

New technologies often enhance workability leading ministers and church staff to a higher level of productivity. With efficiency in mind, Icon Systems has released a fully-functional, real-time IconCMO church software iPad web app that simplifies church management in fresh ways. Icon Systems is first to market with this type of church app, that includes membership, contributions, payroll, and full fund accounting. Icon Systems is confident that the many advantages of iPad and iPhone devices make it a necessary technological advancement for churches.

“We desire to put valuable technology tools in the hand of churches, that’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to be first to market with our church software iPad web app,” remarks Bill Gifford, president of Icon Systems, Inc. “The iPad web app architecture used for IconCMO allows iPad users to interact directly with the servers, meaning that when users make changes, others will be able to access the updated information in real time. The church staff, volunteers, and members will always be on the same page.”

The company also recently released its church software iPhone Lite app (iTunes App Store) which provides pastors, staff, and even church members with the ability to view the church congregation’s demographic data on the go. It helps with church community communication, small groups management, and driving directions or maps straight from the membership database.

By using iPads and iPhones for productivity, churches can cut down on hardware maintenance costs, provide expanded mobility to leaders by giving access to church software data from any wireless or 3G connection, and offers less technically-savvy folks an easy way to oversee administration and get connected to their church. A recent Microsoft survey advised by 2014 Mobile Internet will exceed Desktop Internet usage. Icon Systems is ahead of all other companies by preparing IconCMO now, so churches can use this advantageous mobile technology.

iPad Church App Benefits

Church staff can use the IconCMO iPad web app to take attendance as well as update records on the go. The iPad is easy to carry to meetings to produce reports on the spot, and correcting data quickly like wrong expense accounts or funds in accounting, contributions entries, and member’s data is simple to do. iPad users can add in visitors when they meet them, take their pictures, and add conversation notes if needed or other membership data.

iPhone Lite Church App Benefits

While on the road doing visitation, pastors might want to pull the iPhone out to look at someone’s phone number and make a call or text message, see a picture, get driving directions, send the contact’s information to Apple contact list, or see what groups they are in. The iPhone native app has a very simple, easy to use interface.

Church members will benefit from the IconCMO Lite church app by having the ability to look up, call, and text friends within the congregation. Get driving directions to a small group or summer swim parties; always have friends’ most current contact information; send contact information to the iPhone’s Apple contact list easily for future use.

“Overall, we feel these two church apps really push IconCMO ahead of other church software companies and is why Icon Systems remains the innovator in church software and church accounting solutions” notes Jay Sandt, Sales Director for Icon Systems. “There are lots of choices in the market, but none offer iPad and iPhone apps that take church software use to the next level by offering a complete ChMS on mobile devices.”

About Icon Systems, Inc.

Icon Systems, Inc. ( has been a leader in the church management system industry for nearly 20 years, developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations from church plants to denominational offices. The company continues to enhance its cloud-based church management software with new features to meet the ongoing administrative and communication needs of the churches it serves. Icon Systems has three prominent offerings: 1) IconCMO – a web-based church management solution that meets the needs of individual churches, 2) IconCMO+ – a web-based multisite church management solution for multisite churches and churches with denominational offices on the local, national, and international level, and 3) Revelations – a single user or network-based church management software package. IconCMO/IconCMO+ also offer iPad and iPhone web apps for expanded productivity. Icon Systems has a deep software engineering heritage that has enabled its products to achieve unprecedented performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.