APA Announces New National Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin

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APA Announces New National Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin

 American Photographic Artists (APA) today announced that it has selected Juliette Wolf-Robin as its new national executive director. APA’s mission is to help develop successful photographers and creatives by supporting them through education, rights and advocacy.

There has never been a more critical time for professional photographers to join together through an association in order to stay informed, share information and be part of a community,” states Wolf-Robin. “I step into the role of national executive director of APA with a sense of urgency that we must provide members with knowledge and tools needed to succeed, while providing actionable guidelines to protect ones rights and future earning potential.”

Juliette Wolf-RobinJuliette Wolf-Robin is a well-respected industry veteran who has worked with photographers on all aspects of the photography industry for more than 20 years. Most recently she was business development and marketing director at The Brand Union NY. She is perhaps best known for her serial entrepreneurship having launched FoundFolios, Creativity’s Spark* and the Alternative Pick. These innovative print and online resources have helped connect photographers with creatives and art buyers.

Additionally, Wolf-Robin conducted a popular series of podcast interviews with buyers, creatives and artist agents across the country that allowed artists to hear directly how best to reach their target audience and what type of promotion works.

I have known Juliette through the years and have always admired her creativity, entrepreneurship and interest in bringing photographers and creatives together. Juliette understands the ever-changing playing field the photo world has become and the importance for photographers to not only understand their value but to evolve and stay relevant,” comments APA National President Theresa Raffetto. “Throughout her career she has put an emphasis on education and knowledge for both the photographer and the user and we are excited to see where we can take APA with Juliette by our side.”

Over the years Wolf-Robin has been a noted speaker at Photo Plus Expo and at APA chapters nationally, speaking in particular about branding and marketing for photographers. Juliette will be working closely with the APA board of directors and chapter directors to not only help the association succeed but to participate in furthering the cause, sustainability and success of the industry as a whole.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing our industry right now is the sheer speed in which changes are occurring,” adds Wolf-Robin. “Whether we’re discussing technology, copyright issues or the manner in which we communicate with each other, it has become essential to keep up on the latest information, rulings, and trends. I hope to assist APA members as the industry continues to evolve.”

Out of the dozens of very well-qualified applications we received from across the nation, Juliette stood out throughout the process. Her industry experience combined with the fact that she’s married to a photographer has given her a unique understanding of the business end of our industry as well as an emotional investment in its success. She’ll be a potent advocate for not only APA but for all professional photographers,” notes APA Executive Vice President Ric Kasnoff.

I look forward to our future now that Juliette is on board,” adds APA Northwest Chairman Greg Probst.

About American Photographic Artists

The American Photographic Artists (http://www.apanational.com) is a leading national organization run by and for professional photographers. With a culture that promotes a spirit of mutual cooperation, sharing and support, APA offers outstanding benefits, educational programs and essential business resources to help its members achieve their professional and artistic goals. Headquartered in New York, with chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Midwest, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Charlotte, the Northwest, Colorado, Washington, DC, and Editorial Photographers. APA strives to improve the environment for photographic artists and clear the pathways to success in the industry. Recognized for its broad industry reach, APA continues to expand benefits for its members and works to champion the rights of photographers and image-makers worldwide.

Ken Kaminesky Amps Photo Marketing With Campaign Manager Pro

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Ken Kaminesky Amps Photo Marketing With Campaign Manager Pro

In a crowded photography industry, professional photo marketing can easily separate ordinary from well-established. After 20 years in the photo industry, well-known travel and lifestyle photographer Ken Kaminesky realized if he wanted to continue to shoot and maintain a successful photographer business, he would need to get professional help. Kaminesky chose to partner with Agency Access as one of its Campaign Manager Pro clients in order to bolster his overall photo marketing efforts.

“I can’t copy what some other pro photographer is doing to market themselves successfully, since they don’t shoot what I shoot, and their circumstances are far different than mine,” Kaminesky adds. “I’m an independent freelance travel and lifestyle shooter that has a very limited budget for self promotion. Yet I do realize that marketing and self promotion is a vital part of what a pro photographer has to do. Doing it correctly and within my budget—now that’s the key to success.”

Kaminesky will be working with a team of marketing experts, including professional consultant Jennifer Kilberg, to create a new marketing strategy for his career. Kilberg will be guiding Kaminesky through the professional marketing and promotional services Agency Access offers to photographers. The program lasts 15 months, during which time Kaminesky has taken it upon himself to blog about his experiences. His first blog post, My Marketing Adventure: Part 1, is now live on The Lab blog.

Linda Whitehead, vice president of marketing for Agency Access notes “Even successful pro photographers like Ken recognize that they don’t have the time and resources to consistently market themselves. Our Campaign Manager Pro photo marketing service is unique to the industry and helps professional photographers strategize and achieve goals in a personalized way.”

“I’m well aware of the fact that I, just like so many other pro photographers, need some help and guidance when it comes to putting together a photo marketing strategy,” says Kaminesky. “I know I need a plan that will last longer than sending out a few emails or postcards, something that can tie in my skills as a photographer with a dedicated team that will help me realize my goals of landing some good new clients.”

Ken Kaminesky has 20 years of experience in the commercial, editorial and stock photography industry. His photography has been featured in prestigious newspapers and magazines such as the Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Scientific American, and most recently, a cover of National Geographic. He shares his latest photos and writes about his travel adventures on his popular blog, which boasts tens of thousands of monthly visitors. He also has over 25,000 followers on Twitter (@KenKaminesky).

About Campaign Manager Pro

Campaign Manager Pro by Agency Access was created for the busy professional photographer to manage all photo marketing needs and make it possible to stay focused on the work they love. With Campaign Manager Pro, a client is assigned two professional photographer consultants—a Professional Artist Consultant and a Campaign Manager—to help them land the jobs they want. These consultants act as the photographer’s personal marketing staff behind the scenes to help them achieve their business goals.

About Agency Access
Agency Access (www.agencyaccess.com) is the only one stop promotional service that takes care of direct marketing for commercial photographers, illustrators, artist reps and stock agencies. The company’s sole purpose is to help its members find new clients. Agency Access offers many in-house services to guide, encourage and educate artists so they get the most from their membership, including access to an international database of 55,000 plus commercial art buyers at ad agencies, magazines, book publishers, in-house departments, graphic design firms, and architectural firms. A full spectrum of integrated marketing tools – including email marketing, direct mail printing and mailing, consultation services and design services – makes it easy to connect with the right buyers. For artists who don’t have time or inclination to look after their own marketing, the new Campaign Manager Pro program handles it all. To learn more or take a free 3 day trial of Agency Access, click here.


APA Forms Alliance with Arists Rights Society

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APA Forms Alliance with Arists Rights Society

American Photographic Artists (APA) is committed to helping professional photographers and creative artists succeed at the business of photography. In past months, APA has taken significant steps to expand advocacy efforts and has formed an alliance with Artists Rights Society (ARS) (http://www.arsny.com). This alliance offers secondary rights protection to APA members by offering them complementary membership to ARS. This move is in-line with APA’s desire to protect artists’ rights and will enable artists to receive known and unknown royalties that belong to them more quickly and efficiently.

“APA members now have the benefit of becoming members of Artists Rights Society, which will help them obtain more protection over secondary rights of their work,” comments Stephen Best, CEO of APA. “Since our organization supports and lobbies for artists’ rights, in addition to many other benefits, this alliance was a natural fit. Now, new and current APA members can join ARS at no charge and have more rights protection and receive royalty checks sooner than they would without membership.”

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