ServiceU Enhances Online Giving Software for Better Usability, Improved Customization, and Superior Reporting

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Churches and nonprofits routinely offer events, and need to provide online registration tools for congregants; they also seek to provide online giving tools for giving to everything from the general fund, to special missionary projects, to capital campaigns. The backbone of every usable nonprofit web-based software system is in the way it allows users to build forms to gather this critical information. ServiceU Corporation ( is the leading provider of online events management, online giving, and online payments for churches, and has listened to its users in order to roll out practical enhancements to its web-based church software. In both TransactU and EventU, the Form Builder has undergone substantial enhancements to improve its every aspect – from reporting, to data collection, to user interface.

“Form Builder is really the backbone of TransactU and EventU. It’s what church staff members use to build registration and donation forms. We’ve taken significant time over the past year to really listen to what our customers needed, and have made the system easier to use, more intuitive, and simpler for staff to get their work done. We’ve also added improved reporting and customizable data collection,” comments Tim Whitehorn, President and CEO for ServiceU.

ServiceU uses the most up-to-date, reliable and secure programming, utilizing the latest technology standards. Through client feedback and feature requests, ServiceU has implemented these suggestions to make its web-based church software offerings more streamlined and straightforward. Additionally, several safeguards have been added to ensure that deleted forms and questions are still saved, but hidden from the user in case they are needed in the future. Enhanced options for form drafts, previews, and adding/editing questions and answers has also been rolled out, helping churches create simpler forms to gather the information they most need in order to run successful events.

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Since 1999, ServiceU Corporation has been the trusted solution for providing software that helps churches, schools and nonprofits simplify and automate administrative processes by moving them online. ServiceU’s core product line includes: EventUfor event, resource, and facility management through web-based calendar scheduling software; EventU Green™ is an add-on to EventU that automates facility heating and cooling (HVAC) online based on a facility’s events schedule; TransactUis the one solution for secure online donation, payment, and event registration tools from an organization’s website, via mobile devices, and kiosks; TicketU provides online ticket sales, box office management, and theater software.