Church Software Leader Reinvents Forms Functionality to Aid Ministry

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Behind the scenes at every church, there exists a myriad of administrative needs—from taking donations for multiple ministries and sorting them correctly to registering members for events to enrolling kids for Vacation Bible School and getting correct t-shirt sizes ordered. Much like a duck swimming in the water, most of the hard work is done behind the scenes. Church Community Builder works with churches around the world to streamline administration and increase community through its intuitive web-based church management software (ChMS), and has reinvented the forms functionality within its software to assist the administrative needs churches face every day.

We are utilizing the new [Church Community Builder] forms features through a ministry called Food For All Nations to sell food boxes to the community. We now have the option for people to make purchases and donations within the same form,” remarks Carrie Pendleton of Church For All Nations in Colorado. “Because donations are a tax deduction and purchases are not, we previously had to utilize two separate forms for this.”

forms_screenshot-2Church Community Builder has completely revamped its forms functionality with a drag-and-drop interface and more powerful automations. They have added eight new form question types, including file upload, product/ticket, and donation amount. Advanced financial controls, discount codes, and support for split-transaction forms are also included in this upgrade.

These enhancements aim to help churches “do ministry” more efficiently by having forms features fully integrated into the main church management software. When churches use two separate pieces of software to fill these needs, it creates a data silo, where critical people data lies disconnected from the system those people are in. Church Community Builder’s fully integrated forms software is designed to keep data connected to the people it’s about, enabling churches to spend less time sifting through data and more time focusing on the people their ministries serve.

Pendleton adds, “We will also be using the new forms for missions trips. We can now create a form for a trip with an option for people to make a donation of any amount to a specific individual. Tracking payments and donations has required a lot of work for administrative staff, and it will be much easier to track through the new forms.”

In addition to the forms improvements, Church Community Builder also released bug fixes, design improvements, and usability enhancements, including:

  • Support for military addresses
  • Improved speed for advanced searches
  • Allergy information in profile-related API services

Our development team has worked extremely hard to bring these much-needed updates to the churches we serve. Church Community Builder desires to facilitate ministry and partner with these churches and ministries,” comments Steve Caton, vice president of sales and marketing at Church Community Builder. “We are proud of our team’s efforts and have already heard from many churches that the improvements are successful.”

A short video on Forms can be found here:

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